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Our email is open 24/7 - We will respond to you within 48 hours.

Our email is open 24/7 - We will respond to you within 48 hours.





Photo by Jasper 


Tell us about the concept on The Wall Market.
Our focus is primarily on the artist and displaying works that we feel would match our consumers. At the same time, we work to promote our photographers so that they are able to continue working on their craft. We believe that art should be enjoyed by everyone, so The Wall Market’s principle is centered around offering nice art pieces at an affordable price. We try to keep it edgy, hip and fun. In this way, we base the choice of artist that we choose to represent. 


Tell us about your process.
The process is simple. We have a selection of prints available in our showroom, and more of a variety that you can see here on our online shop. 
We offer gallery quality printing and framing at a competitive price. The prints are made from a photographic pigment ink. Every photo is available 
in different sizes, included in the price is the option for framing or di-bond print. Making each piece customizable for each customers personal liking.


Why did you open a showroom and not only focus on the web sales?
We think its always nice to see how an art piece fits into your lifestyle, and to be a able to see what you are purchasing in person. Also you get to meet us and discuss your options. The pieces at our showroom are there for inspiration for our customers. You can always order sizes or images in our showroom or on our webpage. 



Photo by Jasper 


Last gallery show you went to?
We visit Paris Photo and other photography exhibitions pretty often. Here we are able to gather inspiration of whats trending in the photography art 
market. Its also helps us to find out whats next and what new perspectives that photographers from all around the world are using.  
What are you most proud of?
We are so proud of the photographers that have chosen to work with us. They bring such a variety of freshness. It is a pleasure to see what new images they present to us, and what we are then able to delightfully share with our customers. 



Photo by Jasper Carlberg


What’s next?
Of course we want to see our photographers succeed as well as satisfying our customers needs. We promote our images worldwide so be can bridge the gap between artist and consumer, and also bring to our artist the support that they can use to continue bringing new images. 


What influences you?
We choose images that we find interesting, and spur of the moment, with a hint of mystery. We are influenced by movement, life and freedom of expression, and always motivated to see whats new or developing within the field. 


How many hours do you try and work in the showroom per week?
The showroom is open Saturday, and we work for 8 hours non-stop. Also, from home even on our off hours for appointments.



Photo by Jasper