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What made you start to photograph?

Instagram believe it or not. Instagram reignited an old passion for photography.


What is the best part of working as a photographer?

It’s that moment, when you just know, that this is going to be a good photo. Sometimes, I can feel it right when I click the shutter. Also, I love the feeling, when I can sense what I see in an old shot of mine, or some of my pictures, in new connections. A photo can transport you back in time and make you feel or smell the surroundings again. I love that.


What is the worst part of it?

The decisions on which photo to use and how to edit it. It can really drive me crazy sometimes.


Describe your work in three words?

Personal, real, natural.


Do you have a favorite quote, or a phrase you think about often?

“Leave fear at the door”


What makes you nervous?

Since I adapted the "leave fear at the door" quote, which a former boss told me, I tend to not become that nervous anymore. or maybe it’s an age thing? 


What makes you laugh?

That really rude British sense of humor... 


What kind of pictures do you have on your walls at home?

I have many kinds of pictures actually. Some are my own test prints, some come from exhibitions. I have a huge painting by Danish painter Lars Ahlstrand that I am very, very fond of. 

What gives you the most joy when you work as a photographer?

When somebody acquires my work. It is simply the most satisfying feeling, and it makes me both astounded and happy at the same time. 


Tell us about this the work that you have on The Wall Market:

Its diverse, I think, and pretty colourful -but still simple.


Do you have a ‘favorite work’ you did for The Wall Market?

Probably "Mr. Leopard" – which was a lucky shot from a Safari in Kenya.


What influences you?

Many, many things.  I observe a lot. Other Photographers, fashion, cultural influences from abroad. Just a lot.