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Jasper and Botan paired up in 2011 to combine their talents in film and photography. With most their clients having careers in fashion, music or sports,
their primary focus is on the process of aesthetics, personality and human behavoirs.


Tell us about the pictures you have done for The Wall Market.

Some of the work is from past editorial we have had in magazines and some are done exclusive for The Wall Market.


Editorial for Euroman


Tell us about your process.
We combine our work from fashion where Botan has her background and Jasper has a photography background. We often work from a moodboard but are still letting the magic happen when we are shooting. Sometimes we are shooting at the same time with each our camera, but the past year we are more taking turnes depending on how and where we are shooting.



Taking portrait of Diana
Tell us about your process when you're creating.
Privately we are maried, so we fight and laugh a lot before and after, but on set we are professional. We both add to the vision and something great eventually takes form.



Italy for Dinesen.
What are you most proud of?
Our children, they often come on set with us.




Where do you see Jasper Botan in 5 years
We are doing a lot more pictures for The Wall Market.



Los Angeles
What work took you the longest to complete?
It is still going on. For several years now. Maybe it will never finish.






Describe yourself in 3 words.


Botan: Happy, worried and happy (in that order)


Jasper: Worried, happy and worried… (in that order)



 Barcelona between shoot

What cities do you wish to visit?
Next on the list is Cape Town and NYC



 Bangkok after shoot.

What makes you laugh no matter what? 
Botan: I have these home videos from where I just meet Jasper where he jumps into the pool and hurts his back. It cracks me up everytime.