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Our email is open 24/7 - We will respond to you within 48 hours.

Our email is open 24/7 - We will respond to you within 48 hours.

About TWM

Founded by the friends Panya Belton and Botan Christensen; both lovers and professionals of photography and art. Driven by the simple goal to introduce the greatest photographers, and make their work accessible to as many collectors as possible. Located in the heart of busy Vesterbro in Copenhagen, The Wall Market provides a space for talents to show and sell their work. The photographers represented by the gallery have exceptionally agreed to increase the number of prints from a selection of their works, allowing them to continue and develop their art further, whilst keeping the prices in range that excludes no-one.

The Wall Market strives to offer an exclusive selection of prints in the highest quality. All prints are produced by a renowned professional laboratory. We pay great attention to the development of the prints so that the power and richness of the work from our artist are captured. With the artists’ consent, the work is available in several formats with a finish agreed by the artist. We have only limited editions of each print.