About our Frames

The Wall Market provides you with several different options when it comes to framing and printing styles. All of our artworks are printed locally in Denmark, and are of the highest quality.


There is a size for everyone. We offer six different formats: Petite 60 x 40 cm, Medium 90 x 60 cm, Classic 120 x 80 cm, Giant 150 x 100 cm, Extraordinary 180 x 120 cm and Exceptionally 225 x 150 cm.


All types of prints are available with our hand-crafted wooden frames. They come in four different styles: black, white, natural or dark oak. The solid wood is rich on structure, and compliments the prints.

Floating frame

The floating frames are only available with our acrylic Dibond prints. The print is mounted a few mm off the back panel, creating a floating effect that makes the print stand out by adding a level of depth to the frame.


Dibond Glossy

A Dibond is a very durable and light weight option, that allows the print to stand alone without a frame. This is made possible by the combination of two thin aluminium sheets with a flexible core. The image is printed directly onto this and is covered by a strong laminate. It comes in two different options:

The glossy surface on a Dibond gives a beautiful shine to the print, and make the colours stand out.

Dibond Matte

The stylish matte surface prevents any mirroring and has a very low light reflection. The smooth surface is easy to maintain.

Acrylic glass

This option creates an incredible and exclusive look. The print is placed directly on the back of a 5 mm thick acrylic glass sheet, otherwise known as plexiglass, and has a Dibond backing. It creates a very durable surface that is easy to maintain, and hard to scratch. Creating a depth of perception that breathes life to the colours and image.

Print with glasscover

Our prints are available with a wooden frame with glass covers, and have three different types of finish.


The finish is the final touch to your order, and we offer three different choices.


A passepartout is a thick layer of paper that is placed between the glass and the print, and is a traditional way of creating a stronger contrast between the frame and the print.

White border

Leaving a whiter border allows additional space between the image and the frame.

Picture to frame

The classic option is to simply have the print go to the edge of the frame, where is nothing to distract form the image.

All prints are limited editions.