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What made you start to photograph?
I think from my childhood, I always felt very distinguished from the reality of being as an observer, and the camera became the perfect correspondent between me and the world. When I was 20, it was the first time I moved to live abroad, far from family and friends. There I felt the irresistible need to capture the moments I found beautiful. So, I bought film camera on Ebay, and from this point, being new to the place, made it a bigger adventure. 

What is the best part about working as a photographer?
The best part of it, is that I don't estimate it as work, so I guess I never work.

What is the worst part of it?
It's the opposite of stability. But it could be the best part of it too.

Describe your work in three words?
Silent, Evocative, Ambiguous.

Do you have a favourite quote, or a phrase you think about often?
'Everything that happens to me, in me, is a part of the universe.'
The funny fact that it's a quote from the song of a 90's Russian pop band. But it touched me deeply and every time I evoke it, I don't feel lonely anymore. It kinda brings sense to everything which I loose sometimes.

What is your process like when you take pictures?
It's completely chaotic and  intuitive:  I notice something aesthetically unique in a scene I see and I make a photo. 

What kind of pictures do you have on your walls at home?
I have two pictures of mine I made in Istanbul.  Both of them still make me gaze at them and fall into dream mood. My friend is also a photographer, so I have a chance to enjoy his work on my walls too.

What's one thing you still have from your childhood?
The memory of myself, 4 years old, sitting next to the window and drawing faces with colourful pencils.

What gives you the most joy when you work as a photographer?
The thought about the unlimited amount of possibilities and ideas I can create visually.

Tell us about the work that you have at The Wall Market:
This work was done at the period when I was living in Bangkok. This city was a new chapter in my photography path as it has its own vibes, certain lighting and colours that I found very alike with my mood. 

What influences you?
Art in general, watching  movies, listening to various music,  reading. This is my mind nutrition that pushes me to create and sublimate all the information I received into my new work.