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Use a clean microfiber cloth to remove dust or wipe away fingerprints. Use a cotton cloth and a small amount of water or glass cleaner for glass framed photographs. Do not use chemicals or water on Dibond framed photographs.

Use both hands when handling a photograph. Also, ensure the back of the print is properly supported. Use white fiber gloves or microfiber cloth to avoid finger prints when handling a photograph.

Do not hang a photograph in direct sunlight. Do not expose a photograph to extreme heat or humidity. Protect a photograph from water or any other elements by covering with a tarp.

Locate the best place to hang your photograph. Ensure you have the proper tools needed to hang a photograph (brackets, screws, level etc). Hold the picture up on the wall near eye level. Mark the wall at the center of the top of the frame with either a pencil. For large and heavy frames, use a carpenter’s level or laser level instead. On the back of the picture, measure the distance from the top of the frame to the mounting hook or center of the stretched wire. This is the adjustment measurement. On the wall, measure the adjustment measurement down from the wall mark. This is where to hang the picture hook on the wall.

Please note that some photographs can vary slightly in size depending on the format chosen by the photographer. Also the frame can add a few centimeters to the final product size.